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"Kym is an incredibly ethical, responsive, client-care oriented counselor. She uses her personal experience appropriately, and conveys a genuine commitment to healing that provides an excellent role model for her clients. I highly endorse her!"

June 6, 2012

- Mary Crocker Cook, LMFT, LDAC, D. Min

"I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Kym for almost five years while Kym was our Clinical Supervisor for the agency.

Kym was extraordinary in starting things from the ground up. Her first task for us was to start as one of the first pilot programs for Celebrating Families Group! A new group in Santa Clara County that we proudly facilitated. She was site coordinator for Celebrating Families while employed with us. She also trained new facilitators at House on the Hill and participated as a trainer when the Celebrating Families Group training was offered to the many other agencies that worked with families. Ultimately this group was adopted by the national family drug courts and is now facilitated as a national standard.

Kym's expertise in working with mothers and their children was invaluable. She also trained the Counselor's she supervised and raised the bar developing and implementing services offered for our families. Kym loved her position at House on the Hill and she clearly demonstrated this through her boundless energy and enthusiasm."

June 6, 2012

- Debbie Miranda, Executive Director, Parisi House on the Hill , San Jose, CA

 "Thank you for a wonderful healing therapeutic group experience today. Your office was lovely and your clinical style was nurturing and fostered safety and growth. After participating in the therapeutic process with you I have every confidence that your practice will be a success. I would not hesitate to refer to you. Thank you again."

~Tracie S. 2012

This is my testimonial about an amazing and remarkable Woman. An angel truly sent from heaven to help those in need and her name is Kym Haas. Writing this reference is not only a recommendation describing her character and qualifications, but extremely personal.

As I write about how selfless Kym is I am certain it will bring tears of gratefulness to my eyes because I can not thank her enough for what she has done for my family and I. My mother had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for quite some time. I had lost all faith in my mother ever coming back. Kym was working with my mother to fight her addiction to better herself and so I could remain in in her custody. I would support my mom by participating in Family therapy with her and as a typical teenager at first I felt awkward but Kym made me feel comfortable. Kym's kindness made it much easier for me to support my mother the whole time she was in her program. I appreciate that Kym generously helped my mother when no one else believed in her. If it were not for Kym being a magnanimous person whose generosity of spirit was absolutely large, I would not have been willing to forgive my mother.

By Kym demonstrating good role model skills, nobility and kindness I forgave my mother and understood that my mom was not my mother on drugs and alcohol. All the situations that occurred when I was younger I now blame on all that garbage and poison. Happily I experienced my mother grow back into the strong woman I knew and definitely believed she could become again.

Appreciation and acknowledgment to Kym and my mothers hard work I proudly watched my mother graduate from the drug and alcohol program. One of the happiest moments of my life. I have thanked Kym a million times and I will continue to thank her a million times more. Kym never judged us nor looked down on us like most would have. She is a true saint, a woman more then willing to help and assist an individual in need. What I have expressed does not even begin to describe Kym because she is far more extraordinary then words could ever explain. She is a phenomenal woman and I am blessed to say I have had the opportunity to meet and work with her on bettering my family.

Till this day my mother is clean, sober and an absolutely astonishing mother. I am glad that Kym continues to help others, it is what she does best. Kym is astounding when it comes to her job and recommend her to anyone who needs help and assistance because even if giving back was not her job, she is kind-hearted and would still help a lost soul find their way. There is no other exceptional person I know to assist you. I highly appreciate Kym, her knowledge and her willing to help. I am more then positive those reading this would feel the same as I do. It would honestly benefit you to work with Kym as well, if she has not already brightened your life.

~Lucinda M. 2013

Note: Lucinda was a young adolescent at the time of treatment, today she is a young mother, and doing very well.

I love this therapist. If anyone is looking for counseling go see Kym Haas you will not regret it. She will help you transform your life!

Jane V. 2013

In just a matter of three sessions Kym has completely transformed our marriage. It might sound hard to believe but the reality is exactly that. To us Kym is not only a professional from whom we seek help, she's also a coach who gives guidance on how to understand and communicate, a friend who we trust, and most of all an assurance that things will somehow work out despite all the challenges and despair that seemed insurmountable at the time. Thank you Kym!

Alex G. 2014

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