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lost and lonely

Sometimes healing feels like such a lonely place. We often feel alone in our pain, alone with our sadness. It is in that place that we often feel most powerless, and too overwhelmed to move forward or even feel. The real truth is we are never alone. We don't have to sit with our feelings alone, we don't have to wrestle with our thoughts alone. If you feel alone reach out to supportive people around you. Tell them specifically what you need from them: please just listen to me and tell me what you heard me say, or please sit with me in loving silence while I feel my feelings. Sometimes we retreat to a lonely place because our efforts to reach out to others who mean well, hurt!

If you are in need of support also consider a helping professional who is trained in how to respond in a supportive, compassionate manner. Please do not stay in a lonely hopeless place because you feel alone. Healing IS possible for ALL things.

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