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Early Fall--do you hear the calling of the earth???

Do you feel the gentle stirring of the earth calling out to you to begin to

go inside? Fall is a time to inventory our growth emotional, vocational, in

our families, and our social sets. In those moments when there is stillness in the air

and the faint hint of a cooling comes, we are called inside-- away from the hustle, bustle

and laughter of the summer months.

We are called to notice what our harvest looks like~~

During this season we are put on notice that we are mortal--and that we each have a

number of days in which to create, achieve and connect with those we love.

Soon the garden will be bare and go dormant---time to dream during the depth of winter....

But first we harvest and take stock.

If you find yourself interested in a guide--someone to help you sort your harvest and

plan your next season of growth--or just to celebrate and witness your amazing harvest

give me a call so we can get you started.


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