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Blooms, Buds, and Beginnings

Do you think a flower every worries that it is taking too long to bloom, or that

its flowers are malformed, or its blooms inadequate? Do you think it ever judges

itself for not being a tree, a bird, a cloud? My sense is--it basks lovingly in the

warmth of the sun, sending its roots deep into the richness of the earth to find

nurturing sustainance, in an eternal moment of peace without a thought of what

it "should" be.

Therapy is the sacred process of being honest with ourselves---discovering and

uncovering who we are, learning to appreciate and bask in the miracle of our lives

and mastering new skills--without judgement of ourselves. Embracing all of

ourselves: our feelings, our values. our true beliefs, our actions and how they are

shaping our life experience. This is the work of integrative psychotherapy.

Integrative Psychotherapy incorporates traditional counseling techniques with

shamanic, transpersonal, and somatic approaches to assist those on the healing journey

to reunify with the deepest, most geniune Self.

Give yourself the gift of your Highest, most abundant Self--connect to all of you.

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