Integrative Psychotherapy

sacred ground for your soul

I am deeply honored to have worked for the last nineteen years with families, children, couples and individuals who have allowed me to share in their growth and journeys to wellness.  I often am in awe of the courage I get to see every day, and I love seeing the confident happy smiles when they recognize their success.  I love doing what I do—providing a safe, compassionate place for people to bring what is problematic in their lives, to support and watch them find the gifts they have buried deep within themselves.  I love to watch people grow.  I have many approaches to use with clients.

I work in many ways including:

    • Rogerian

    • Object Relations-Developmental Theory

    • Gestalt

    • Psychosynthesis

    • Family Systems

    • Goal / Insight Therapy

    • Dream Work

    • Shamanic

    • Transpersonal

    • Somatic

    • Integrative Psychology

I have been effective working with:

    • Personal Growth Work

    • Adjustment Issues

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Medication Management

    • Chronic Pain Issues

    • Parenting Issues

    • Family Violence Prevention

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Child / Adult Sexual Abuse

    • Chemical Dependency

    • Eating Disorders

    • Work Environment Issues

    • Relationship Issues

    • Effective Communication

    • Grief and Loss

All of these issues are a part of the human experience --

Give yourself the gift of acceptance and allow your human-ness to watch the magic unfold...