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Find your inner peace today...

Re-define your relationships for more:

Joy, Hope, Comfort, and Love

To Book appointment:              NO LONGER LOCATED IN SAN JOSE AREA

Please call 408-427-1710 and leave your phone number so an administrative

assistant can contact you and get you set up.

Then please access the intake forms by clicking on the above intake forms tab to print out, complete

and bring with you to your first appointment along with any ID cards--

Accepting only: Private pay, MHN and Cigna at this time. Session rates are $145.00 per 50 min

Look forward to seeing you soon!!!!!

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than a great relationship !

Learn how to communicate your needs, and work together to

create the loving happy partnership you want-- that is what COUPLES THERAPY is

all about.

Many happy couples have used therapy as the safe place to explore what keeps

getting in the way of the love they wanted and dreamed about.

Don't spend another minute in a stalled, unhappy relationship.

Begin the work today and remember why you fell in love. 

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