Integrative Psychotherapy

sacred ground for your soul

Re-define your relationships for more:  Joy, Hope, Comfort, and Love

   Marriage, Relationship or Divorce Problems




   Child's Behavior Performance

   Problems with Family Members

   Elder Issues


   Phobias or Fears

   Difficulty Concentrating 

   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

   Chronic Panic Management

   Child/Adult Sexual Abuse

   Grief and Loss

   Personal Growth Work

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than a great relationship !

Learn how to communicate your needs,  and work together  to 

create the loving happy partnership you want-- that is what COUPLES THERAPY is 

all about.

Many happy couples have used therapy as the safe place to explore what keeps 

getting in the way of the love they wanted and dreamed about.

Don't spend another minute in a stalled, unhappy relationship.

Begin the work today  and remember why you fell in love.